Day 127

Spent the day in the Mount Evans Wilderness to try a new creek on a beautiful day.  I got up to the wilderness around 11am and started hiking down the creek.  I started pretty close to the headwaters and worked my way down over the coarse of the next few hours.  Up top there was ice and snow still lingering from the previous snow storm.  I probably walked a mile or so before I started fishing finding plenty of little pools and runs.  I tried dry flies for the first hour or so with no action at all before I decide to tie on a black beauty below a royal wolf as an indicator.  First cast back into a pool I tried with just the royal wolf and I land a 9" brookie on the black beauty.  I try a few more pools with no luck in the same area before i move downstream to a new set of pools.  I hook another in a far side pool where I could see the fish below the surface go for the fly.  It's another little brookie caught on the black beauty, which I am glad to be catching fish even if it is on a nymph.  I walk a little further downstream, probably a couple miles from the headwaters, and decide to tie on a black wd-40 instead of the black beauty which activity faded on.  I cast to the top of a plunge pool where I can see a fish feeding below the surface.  I get a great cast and watch the fish just look at it until it was a foot past him, when the brookie turns and chases the wd-40 and eats it two feet past where it first saw it.  Pretty cool to see the whole thing with the fish never breaking the surface.  I call it a day around 2pm and start the walk back to the car so I can watch what ended up being one of the best comebacks by the Broncos I have ever seen.  

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 12' #3
Flies that worked:  Black Beauty, Black WD-40