Day 129

Today I decided to go to Bear Creek in the afternoon and headed up to lair of the bear park.  It was a beautiful day with almost no wind and sporadic cloud cover.  I arrived around 2:30pm and started by the parking lot.
I tied on a Royal Wulff I tied the other day and started fishing.  I cast through a run that has produced fish in the past and after a few casts I finally get my first little brown.  I move to a spot in front of a log as a family stops to watch me fish.  Despite the curse of onlookers I manage to land my second fish of the day, and had a nice 10" brown to show the kids.

 I move downstream and try a couple more spots above the bridge over the next hour and half catching fish in almost every spot I try.  I have caught close to fifteen fish before I decide to change flies and tie on a self tied bright orange sakasa kebari.  There were a a few fish that just would not take the royal wulff but were all over the kebari.  I caught three fish in about ten minutes of fishing one hole before I switched back to the royal wulff to finish off the day.

I end the day at the same hole I started and catch one last fish before I call it a day around 5:30pm and sit around to watch what was a spectacular sunset.  Another great day in the books!

Rod:  Wakata 9' 6/4
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 10' #3
Flies that Worked:  Royal Wulff, Bright Orange Sakasa Kebari