Day 126

Went up to boulder Creek today to try my luck at a creek that has been tough for me.  I started fishing around 1pm at a spot not to far up from the four mile canyon exit.  I have fished here before with not much luck and that was the case again today.  I fished for about a half hour or so with no action before I decided to drive further upstream.
I stop at the pullout with the pyramid shaded rocks and walk to the bottom of a series of plunge pools.  I pick my way through the holes paying special attention to the far side pools and little tiny eddies that I don't think most people fish.  I takes about ten minutes to get the first fish in but then proceed to catch four more over the next couple hours.  I have caught five and had another four hooked but not landed by around 4pm and decide to move further upstream.

I drive up just past mm 35 and find a pullout to stop at.  Before I left the house today I checked Rocky Mountain Anglers stream report and they said to try the faster water between mm 35 and mm 31 so I wanted to give it a shot.  The section I stop at has a series of plunge pools and boulders creating little pools everywhere.  I should have started here!  Over the next two hours I catch close to twenty fish and hook another four or five.  It's around 6pm, my hands are cold so I call it a day.

On a side note, Rocky Mountain Anglers also said hoppers were the way to go and they were right.  I caught almost all my fish on either a tan or olive para-hopper.  I only used the royal coachman when I saw a fish sniff the hopper but not take it, just to give the fish something else to look at(worked a couple of times).

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 12' #3
Flies that worked:  Olive and Tan Para-Hopper