Day 132

As predicted the weather got better and I had the day off to see if the fishing had turned back on at Bear Creek.  I got up to the creek around noon and started near the parking lot and worked my way downstream this time.
I try the couple pools I normally start at with a royal wulff tied on but get no action at all.  I notice there is a fisherman just upstream and figure he must have just fished here, because I can always get at least one fish from these two pools.  With nothing happening I decide to move downstream and try some less fished areas.

I find a couple pools I figure no one has hit yet and start casting.  Three casts in I have hooked my first brown of the day.  I move to cast to the upper pool and end up landing my second little brown.  I keep moving downstream and get a couple more fish before getting to the next beaver dam area.  I try a few different presentations through the pool but don't get any action at all.  I think I ran into another area that was fished out and decide to keep moving downstream.

I get to the bridge and try the run just above the pool and manage to land another little brown.  Before I move on I cast under the bridge and get two more at the bottom end of the drifts.  I cross the bridge and fish the pools on the downstream side of the bridge.  I takes a few casts and a little twitching to get the first fish to bite but the second was caught in a far side pool that was about two square feet with current on both sides, on a perfect cast and about a half second of dead drift before the fly was eaten.

I move further downstream and try a number of pools catching a couple more before I call it a day around 4pm and head back to the car.  Another great day of fishing!

Rod:  Wakata 9' 6/4
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 10' #3
Flies that worked:  #18 Royal Wulff,  #22 BWO