Day 124

Spent half a day fishing on the Taylor River today in the middle of my fall pictures trip.  I started the day fishing above the reservoir at one of the side road pullouts.  The river is really shallow and only pools up deep enough in a few spots to hold fish of any size.  I try a few different spots before a manage to land a nice little rainbow.  I move upstream a little and pull in a couple more fish before I decide to drive downstream and do some fishing below the dam.

As I drive down past the dam I can see ten or more people fishing the outlet and decide to drive a little further downstream where it is not so crowded.  I stop at the last pullout before some private property and work my way upstream a little.  I have a great section of water to fish and start casting through the runs and pools.  I get a few looks but no takers over the coarse of the next hour before I pick up and drive further downstream. 

I get to a section of river with a bunch of huge boulders in the middle creating a bunch of pocket water and try my luck.  This seems like  another great section but I get nothing from here over the coarse of a half hour and call it a day and continue my fall picture trip. 

Overall I had a good time fishing the river and there seemed to be a ton of public spots to fish both above and below the reservoir.

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 12' #3
Fly that worked:  Royal Coachman #18