Day 131

Thought I might try Bear Creek again and see how the snow and cold weather effected the fishing.  I got up there around 1pm which I thought would let the creek warm up and have the fish a little more willing.  I start right by the parking lot with a royal wulff but get no action through the first set of spots I try.  I switch up to a number of different patterns with the same results.  I keep moving upstream but can't find the right pattern to get the fish moving.

I get to the pool with the bench above it and can see fish feeding on the surface.  I have arrived during a midge hatch and am trying to find a size 22 anything to match what they are eating.  I finally arrive on a size 22 black midge and end up catching four in the next half hour.  The midge hatch is gone and I once again can't find a pattern to get the fish moving.

I move upstream to the next big pool and start casting through the different spots.  I get a hook on a blue rs2 but it gets off almost immediately.  I cast to the top end of a plunge pool and get another hook but same thing as before.  This was the last of the action I saw for the rest of the day.  I fished for another half hour or so before calling it a day around 4pm and heading back to the car.

The fishing was slow I think because of the weather and will hopefully pickup next week with the warmer weather(I will probably test this out).

Rod:  Wakata 9' 6/4
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 10' #3
Fly that worked:  Black Midge


  1. As one who gets to Colorado regularly, I really enjoy reading your blog.

    By the way, how many tenkara rods do you own?

    1. Thanks, At this point in time I have 4 rods: 12' Iwana 6/4, 9' Wakata 6/4, 9' Motsuga 5/5, and a 12' Universal Tenkara Rod Unagi 7/3 for the bigger fish(the last three I bought from All Fishing Buy).


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